Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mr. Arm Pinner is surprised

I've been thinking about the guy who held Jean Charles de Menezes while the SAS fired bullets in his head. Dum dums or not, holding a guy while somebody fires a gun at him multiple times has to be a candidate for 'Worst Job in the World'. What are the chances you might take a few dum dums yourself? Which leads me to the inevitable conclusion that Mr. Arm Pinner didn't know that there would be shooting. Which leads me to the inevitable conclusion that the execution of Jean Charles de Menezes was actually two operations, an official one, which was just supposed to be a training exercise, and an unofficial one, where the SAS decided to kill an East Asian for various reasons, including the usual neo-fascist one of stirring up race hatred in Britain.

The explanation of two operations goes a long way to explaining various anomalies in the Official Story. Why did they pick a guy to follow without bothering to check whether he even looked like the guy they were supposedly monitoring? Why did they follow this guy and treat him as a suicide bomber when he obviously wasn't wearing a bomb? Why, if they feared he was a bomber, did they let him on a bus and into a subway station? Why did they lie about every part of the story, from beginning to end? The Official Story, even after you remove all the obvious lies, is simply baffling.

I think the best explanation is that this was merely a training exercise, and most of the Official Story has been created to try to justify the shooting after the fact. They were going to follow, say, the tenth guy who walked out of that building, wander through town with him, and grab him when he was in a critical place like a subway car, with unarmed police swarming in to practice an actual take-down of a real terrorist. Then there would have been effusive apologies, 'mistaken identity', blah, blah, blah, and the target would have been allowed to go on his way. At some point, someone in the SAS, without telling everybody, including Mr. Arm Pinner, decided to make this into a live execution. This was a 'rogue operation', if you will, but with an extremely high level of 'rogue'. Mr. Arm Pinner must have been the most surprised guy in the world when the guns came out.