Friday, December 09, 2005

Rahm jets

Rahm Emmanuel, in control of the purse strings of the Democratic Party, is using those purse strings to replace anti-war Democrat candidates with candidates in favor of continuing American involvement in Iraq. Whatever you might hear from Israel concerning a desire that Americans withdraw, don't believe it. Israel wants American troops to stay (so they will). This explains the extraordinary position of the Democrats, who would have a slam-dunk political win if they just advocated immediate and complete withdrawal - 'withdrawal' with continued presence of American troops, or 'withdrawal' with a continuation of the semi-secret aerial (or here) bombardment of civilians or American-sponsored death squads, doesn't count - but can't bring themselves to do so.

Why does Israel want the Americans to stay in Iraq? Despite all its best efforts to lead to the conditions for a civil war in Iraq, with attacks on civilians, dirty ops including fake terrorist attacks and kidnappings, and ongoing attempts to foster enmity between Sunnis and Shi'ites, Iraqis are still, in the face of all odds, holding together. If the Americans were to completely withdraw tomorrow, there is no guarantee that there would be civil war. Israel's worst nightmare is the existence of a unified Iraq, unhobbled by sanctions, with a keen and unabiding hatred of Israel for what Israel and its American stooges have done to the civilians of Iraq. Israel is so terrified of this outcome that it will pull out all the stops to prevent the Americans from withdrawing before Iraq is completely destroyed.