Friday, December 30, 2005

Sibel Edmonds suspicions

There is a good summary on Sibel Edmonds and her claims at Wot Is It Good 4. Edmonds has lots of things to say that are music to the ears of a conspiracy theorist, but she still bothers the hell out of me:

  1. She's completely fluent in conspiracy-ese, and knows exactly what buttons to push in order to interest those who are interested in conspiracies by mentioning foreknowledge of 9-11 and massive drug dealing networks involving top American government officials. That is exactly the kind of stuff I would throw in if I were trying to create disinformation.

  2. She received all her extensive knowledge of the most mega of conspiracies by being a part-time translator in the FBI for all of six months.

  3. Nobody else has even partly backed up her claims.

  4. The main gist of her complaint is that a colleague who was pals with the American-Turkish Council put herself in charge of monitoring the tapped calls from and to the American-Turkish Council. This sounds terrible until you realize that if the colleague was pals with the American-Turkish Council, the American-Turkish Council must have known it was being tapped, in which case there shouldn't have been anything damning on those tapes, and certainly nothing as damning as Edmonds seems to be saying, which is that the American-Turkish Council was a front for criminal activity.

  5. The Bush Administration went to a huge amount of effort to shut her up, something which you would think would add to her credibility. But that's just the thing. After this huge effort, and gag orders, Edmonds continues to leak like a sieve. We know pretty much all of her story, including all the characters she is accusing of wrongdoing. If she is under such gag orders, why are they not being enforced?

Edmonds is from an important Turkish family - she says her uncle was mayor (or here) of Istanbul - but seems to have left Turkey in a bit of a huff over its censorship laws. Her position is definitely anti-Turkey. Turkey is poised to enter the EU. Turkey has a huge standing army, a huge market, and a huge low-wage economy just waiting to explode with all the capital which will pour into it from Europe, making it the new Ireland (and, just like Ireland, the right-wingers will claim that the boom is due to low taxes, rather than the massive influx of capital which will be its real cause!). Once Turkey enters the EU, the short era of the American Empire will finally be over. A successful Muslim country in Europe will also put an end to the Zionist propaganda about the inability of Muslims to succeed. There are a lot of good reasons to start to dish the dirt on Turkey. Is Edmonds the start of that? If Turkey starts to refuse to play along with Israel, or doesn't accede to Isrealamerican plans for Syria, will Edmonds suddenly become of great interest to the disgusting American media? Will the foundation created by Edmonds be used for a propaganda attack on Turkey?

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure the Bush Administration did have warnings about 9-11, and I'm sure American government officials are involved in the international drug trade. Edmonds' general complaints cause me no problem. Her specific charges, that the State Department is the most corrupted part of the American government (surely the Pentagon and the CIA are worse, and more closely tied to drugs?), and that Turkey and Turkish lobbyists in the United States are involved in major American conspiracies (I think I'd look elsewhere first!), are what is causing me problems.