Friday, December 02, 2005

Withdraw the Mehlis report!

I recently noted that Nibras Kazimi expressed strong doubts about Mehlis' most important witness, a man known as 'Hosam Taher Hosam', doubts which have now been confirmed by the witness himself, who was bribed and coerced by Lebanese authorities to lie about Syrian participation in the assassination of Hariri. I assume that Mehlis is a decent man and a competent prosecutor. He has to be completely aware that he is not qualified in this case to do the most basic job of a prosecutor, evaluate the credibility of witnesses. I don't know whether it is language problems, cultural differences, or the skill of the Lebanese in lying, but Mehlis has proven beyond any doubt that he cannot judge credibility in this case, making it impossible for him to issue an honest report on Syria's involvement in the Hariri matter. Especially given the fact that he has to know that John Bolton and the Americans will use any report critical of Syria as an eventual reason for American violence against Syria, resulting with certainty in the deaths of hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians, there is only one decent option open to Mehlis. He must withdraw his preliminary report and issue a final report saying that conditions in Lebanon make it impossible for anyone to determine who is responsible for the death of Hariri.