Monday, January 23, 2006

Canadian election poll conspiracy

Canada holds its thirty-ninth national election today. The conspiracy angle is the way the disgusting Canadian media conspired to misuse polling data to give the radical right-wing Conservative Party - which really should be called the Republican Party North - an electoral advantage. The problem the Conservatives have is that many feel - quite accurately, I might add - that they are too extremist and out of line with Canadian values to constitute an acceptable political choice. Manipulated reports of polling data have been systematically used to get around this problem. From late December to early January the polls miraculously turned around, to put the Conservatives, who had been trailing, substantially in the lead. Suddenly, a vote for the Conservatives, which seemed to be a crazy choice, was validated by the fact that so many other Canadians apparently thought it was an acceptable choice (it's so bizarre that the Conservative leader actually argues that a vote for him is safe as he'll only end up with a minority government, meaning he won't be able to do all the things he otherwise would be able to do!). Careful analysis of the polling results shows how the results were distorted in order to create a self-fulfilling prophesy. All of the major polling companies but - perhaps - one, are run by doctrinaire Conservatives, a fact the disgusting Canadian media never bothered to mention, and they all used the same misleading tricks. The media immediately fell all over itself declaring that a Conservative victory was inevitable. The worst thing is that they tried to fool Canadians using the same methods in the last election. It didn't work then but it may work now.