Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Castro and Kennedy

Following up on the recently resurrected thesis that Castro had Kennedy killed:

  1. Respected researcher Anthony Summers weighs in, and doesn't dismiss the idea out of hand. However, he does write:

    "William Coleman, a former assistant counsel, had told me before Christmas of a mission that he carried out on the orders of the US Chief Justice, Earl Warren. He had flown to a secret location for a meeting with Señor Castro - a rare event indeed for an American official, even more so given the nature of the discussion. What Mr Coleman learnt, he said, satisfied him - and the Chief Justice when he reported back - that 'Castro's regime had nothing to do with the President's murder'.

    Mr Coleman had spoken clearly, and in the presence of a third party. This week, however, I received a letter from him denying that the meeting with the Cuban leader had ever taken place. This is hard to explain, unless perhaps one notes that Mr Coleman - himself a former Cabinet member - is close to senior officials in the Bush Administration. Perhaps the Bush people, who take a hard line on Cuba, prefer that dark rumours about Señor Castro remain unrefuted."

    The change in position may indicate that there is some kind of Bush Administration anti-Castro position brewing.

  2. From Cuba, Gabriel Molina writes:

    "General Fabian Escalante, one of those investigating the case on the Cuban side, has stated that based on information from the State Security files, certain testimonies and an analysis of the facts and antecedents, Havana has reached conclusions as to the identity of the guilty parties that are similar to those of other investigators: the CIA, the Mafia and Cuban counterrevolutionaries planned and executed the assassination. He added that having studied the descriptions of witnesses to the crime, especially those expounded by former Judge Garrison, it is presumed that the sharpshooters of Cuban origin Eladio del Valle and Hermino Díaz were those ordered to fire, subsequently escaping in a Nash Rambler truck. And that the attempt was organized by two groups, one under the control of Jack Ruby and the other by Frank Sturgis, later chief of the Watergate plumbers.

    The mafia participants, Escalante continued, were Santos Trafficante, Sam Giancana, John Roselli and, to a lesser degree, Carlos Marcelo and Jimmy Hoffa.

    Among the CIA plotters he also mentioned David Atlee Phillips and Richard Helms, supervisor of anti-Cuban operations; General Cabell, former deputy chief of the CIA; Gerry Hemmings and other high-ranking officials.

    The scandal, picked up by the press worldwide, led to the committee instructing the CIA executive to declassify the majority of the documents, which succeeded in hushing the protests. But doing so would have been to incriminate itself."

  3. Castro and Kennedy were starting to attempt a rapprochement just before the assassination. It makes no sense for Castro to kill Kennedy to get to LBJ.

Oswald, who is said to have received $6500 for his part in the plot, hardly had 65 cents to rub together. The Castro thesis doesn't make any sense except as more in the long line of anti-Castro propaganda.