Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Escalating demands

The pressure on Syria continues:

"A high ranking Syrian official said that Syria's President Bashar al-Assad will not respond to the request made by the chairman of the UN investigation committee into the murder of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri, to meet with him."

You can see clearly how this works. The Israelamericans demanded that Syria get out of Lebanon. It did. Then they demanded full cooperation with the Mehlis investigation. Syria gave it. Then they demanded that senior Syrian officials meet with Mehlis. They were sent to meet him (but he couldn't understand what they were saying as everything was fed to him through Lebanese judges!). Now they want to call the President of Syria on the carpet. If he went, they'd just make up another demand. Failing that, John Bolton would say Syrian cooperation didn't count as he didn't say 'Simon says' when he made the demand (due to the international readership of this blog, I wonder if everybody understands this reference to a children's game which no doubt exists in some form in every culture). There is no possible way that Syria can ever comply in an manner that will suit the Israelamericans. The entire Hariri investigation - and since when is the United States interested in investigating a murder of a citizen of one country, Saudi Arabia, which occurred in another country, Lebanon, and has absolutely nothing to do with the United States? - is just a charade intended to obtain U. N. sanction to another breach of international sovereignty through an attack on Syria.

We went through exactly the same progression of demands on Iraq. Saddam complied with every inspection request he got. Nothing was ever good enough. When the inspectors had to get out to flee the coming American 'shock and awe' bombs, the Israelamericans actually had the audacity to claim that they left because Saddam kicked them out! The game is to continue to escalate the demands until the Israelamericans are sure you can't possibly comply, then use the lack of compliance as an excuse for an attack. If you comply anyway, they just lie about it. You can't win.


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