Friday, January 06, 2006

Framing Castro

A new documentary claims that Kennedy was assassinated by agents working for Castro. This isn't a new theory, but is the primordial goo of Kennedy assassination theories, the original story planned by the real conspirators, what Peter Dale Scott calls the "phase one" theory. The conspirators appear to have planned to blame the assassination on Cuba and/or the Soviets. They relied on the dodgy story of a man named Gilberto Alvarado, who said that Oswald had been recruited to kill Kennedy inside the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City. They also relied on a recorded telephone conversation from the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City of someone calling himself Oswald - but who they knew wasn't Oswald - talking about having met someone there who was a probable KGB agent. There were enormous intelligence obfuscations about both these matters, indicating that someone had a very guilty purpose. These deceptions left the real conspirators with the post-assassination options of invading Cuba and/or starting a nuclear war with the Soviets (right-wingers were just as crazy then as they are now). When Oswald failed to accommodate them by failing to die 'resisting arrest' in the Texas Theater, and had a while to talk, the "phase one" theory became too dangerous, and they reverted to the "phase two" theory that Oswald was a lone nut. The "phase one" theory lingered, however, and was enough to scare LBJ into convincing Earl Warren to lead the Warren Commission cover-up, thus protecting the real conspirators (the Alfredo story, which was an obvious lie, was retracted just after the formation of the Warren Commission).

The old and completely discredited Cuban theory is being resurrected and promoted now, at a time when the 'dominoes' in Latin America keep falling into the Castro-Chavez sphere of influence, and Bush badly needs a distraction to make it through the end of his term. Are we being slowly prepared for an invasion of Cuba?