Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy Feithster

For those of you still resisting the thesis that a group of Zionist intellectuals associated with the 'Clean Break' paper prepared for Netanyahu engineered much of the disastrous attack on Iraq - resistance largely based not on the facts, but on a fear that once Americans realize that they were tricked and who tricked them American support for Israel would suddenly end (the timing is right, with Sharon and Abramoff, a man who spent a lot of his ill-gotten money on an Israeli sniper school to train Sharon's murderers of Palestinians, out of the picture at the same time) - here is something to ponder from Newsweek on a special slide for the White House in a Pentagon briefing in 2002 [corrected; thanks to Wilton Weekes] (my emphasis in bold):

"NEWSWEEK has obtained declassified copies of slides made for the briefing. There are three sets: a version for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, one for the then CIA Director George Tenet and one shown at a White House session attended by the then deputy national-security adviser Stephen Hadley and Lewis (Scooter) Libby, Cheney's chief of staff at the time. The White House materials include a slide, not part of the other briefings, devoted to the alleged Atta meeting. (Rumsfeld and Tenet were told there was 'one indication of Iraqi involvement with Al Qaeda specifically related to 9/11.') The White House slide, dated September 2002, cites publicized allegations from a post-9/11 Czech intel report that Atta met the April before 9/11 with Iraqi spy Ahmed al-Ani, and asserts the United States had 'no other' intel contradicting the report. The slide offers purported details about Atta's activities in Prague (including two earlier, confirmed visits). It says that during one visit al-Ani ordered an Iraqi intelligence officer to 'issue funds to Atta.' The slide also includes previous unpublished allegations that Atta met the Iraqi Embassy charge d'affaires and that 'several workers at Prague airport identified Atta following 9/11 and remember him traveling with his brother Farhan Atta.'"

The Office of Special Plans, led by 'Clean Break' participant Douglas Feith, in effect kept two sets of books, one to show to those who might not be able to swallow its lies, and another to show to the White House. The story of Atta and his brother (?!) was a special edition intended as a talking point for Dick Cheney (and boy, did he keep talking). The fact that we're hearing about this now may mean that Cheney has decided to lighten the load on Air Force One by throwing Feith out the door without a parachute. While many were disappointed at Fitzmas and happy about Abramoffukkah, I'm looking forward to Feithster.


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