Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Various things

Various things:

  1. An inconclusive investigation by Tapio Helen of the real identity of the famous author B. Traven.

  2. According to his wife, Yitzhak Rabin was in Dallas, Texas just hours before the assassination of JFK. He was about to become chief of staff of the IDF, and his tour of U. S. military bases seems to have been some sort of preparation for his new job. He had been in Fort Bliss near Dallas, which is particularly interesting if, as many believe, the Pentagon was behind the assassination. Of course, Rabin would eventually become Prime Minister of Israel and the victim of his own assassination. Given the Israelis filming and cheering as the WTC came down, you have to wonder if the Israelis have season front-row tickets for every American disaster.

  3. If you scroll down a bit, Cryptome makes a possible connection between the NSA and Nick Berg through MCI, which obtained an early contract for cell phone communications for the American government in Iraq. Michael P. Wright is still hard at work on the Berg investigation (see here and the list of articles that follow), particularly Berg's odd connection with Moussaoui in Oklahoma, which is leading him to the possibility that it was a condition of Berg's scholarship at the University of Oklahoma that he fulfill a service requirement which could include intelligence work. Just before he was killed, Berg was at work on cell phone towers at Abu Ghraib.

  4. Via Professor Hex, 'Scholar of the Strange and Mysterious', an account of a bizarre car 'accident' in California which oddly played like a bad horror film.

  5. '101 Peculiarities Surrounding the Death of Vincent Foster' by Richard L. Franklin.