Monday, February 06, 2006

Danish cartoon conspiracy

We’re starting to see the details of the conspiracy behind the Danish cartoon scandal.  The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which started the problem by actually commissioning cartoons that would make Muslims furious as an experiment to see if political correctness would prevent the cartoons from being published – you can’t make this stuff up! - supports the anti-immigration Danish governing coalition, and has historic ties going back to the 1920s and 1930s to European fascism.  The editor in question, Flemming Rose, apparently has ties to Daniel Pipes (as if we couldn’t see that coming!).  The point was clearly to incite Muslim riots to enforce the idea that the ‘clash of civilizations’ means that immigration to Europe - particularly Muslim immigration - must be stopped, and to lead credence to the idea that Muslims are all irrational and violent, and can’t be dealt with except through violence.  Although they deny it, the conspiracy clearly flows through a whole series of like-minded European editors, all of whom should be given a blood test to check for Zionism.  The BBC actually had the audacity to carry the cartoons “to give audiences an understanding of the strong feelings evoked by the story”.  As we dig further, I am sure we’ll find that all the people involved in this story have strong connections to either or both of Zionism and far-right European fascism.  The people of Denmark, in particular, ought to be thinking about sending a bill to Jyllands-Posten for the damage done to the embassies, not to mention the fact that Danish firms will never again be able to do business in the Middle East or any place where there is a substantial Muslim population.  Denmark just lost a billion customers.


Anonymous said...

When you say Denmark "will never again be able to do business in the Middle East" aren't you re-enforcing the idea that Muslims are are irrational? Because ONE paper publishes a cartoon, under the free speech of that country, does that mean that ALL citizens of that country should be punished? Would you prefer that Danes censored people whose opinions differ from own? Or even beliefs which differ from the insane beliefs of irrational religious fanaticism?