Friday, February 24, 2006

Hamas and Canadian 'journalism'

The Toronto Globe and Mail has apparently been caught red-handed lying in an editorial about Hamas in an attempt to influence the Canadian political and diplomatic response to the recent Palestinian elections. The 'journalist' in question, Marcus Gee, who has an unfortunate history of mangling discussion of Israel in favor of the Zionists - in fact, he mangles everything so much he may just be stupid - seems to have not actually seen the offensive video on which the editorial is based (although the editorial is written as if there is no question that the writer did see the video), and relied, without citing his source, on uncorroborated assertions from a web site run by an extremist Israeli settler! If all this is true, it is an indication of how far the Globe, which used to attempt to be objective on the Middle East, has fallen (see also here and here). Last year, Ted Honderich wrote:

"The fact in question is that The Globe has lately got a new editor, Mr. Ed Greenspon, who is Jewish and presumably inclined to neo-Zionism, no doubt subject to ready journalistic qualifications. What is indubitable is that the newspaper's line of support with respect to the Israeli government has hardened since his appointment. The Toronto Star's position . . . is by contrast made to seem pro-Palestinian."

Sadly, the newish publisher of the Toronto Star, interestingly a paper to which Honderich has strong family ties, has been moving it towards a pure Zionist position as well, probably under the influence of Jewish business leaders in Toronto. The truth is hard to come by in Canada.