Sunday, February 26, 2006

The hole in RFK's head

From "Robert Kennedy's Headwounds, Part 1: The Case for Conspiracy" by John Hunt:

"To date, the strongest controversies pointing to multiple shooters have centered around two issues: the number of shots fired, and Sirhan's position relative to RFK during the shooting. The evidence indicates that at least 9 shots were fired that night, yet Sirhan wielded an 8-shot revolver, which he did not reload. The second main controversy revolves around eyewitness testimony that places Sirhan in a position from which he could not physically have inflicted RFK's wounds. While both issues are of paramount importance to a finding of conspiracy, they are, and will likely remain, irresolvable. This is so for two reasons: the LAPD destroyed key physical and photographic evidence, and eyewitness testimony, no matter how powerful, sincere, and corroborated cannot be considered 'proof.' Today, however, we can move past those tantalizing possibilities to what I believe amounts to proof of conspiracy; a round fired from Sirhan's gun could not have caused the wound that actually killed RFK—the headshot. As inconceivable as it sounds thirty-eight years after the fact, the 'proof' comes straight from RFK's autopsy report."

The conclusion, based on the autopsy report, is that the kind of damage caused to RFK's head, specifically the size of the entry wound of the fatal shot, could not have been caused by the type of ammunition in the gun that Sirhan Sirhan was supposed to have been carrying.