Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mehlis and the CIA

Cryptome has been following German investigations of the odd connections of Detlev Mehlis. Mehlis did a preliminary investigation on the Hariri assassination and, based on witness statements, concluded Syria was to blame. When all his first group of witnesses were completely discredited, Mehlis didn't miss a beat, rounded up a second group of witnesses, and determined that his original conclusion was still true. This is very odd behavior for someone who purports to be an objective prosecutor. The travesty of the first report would have directed any honest prosecutor to the inevitable conclusion that the 'facts' have been so messed with in Lebanon that any serious investigation is impossible. Why does Mehlis hate Syria so much? It's almost as of he's working for the CIA. Well . . .

German investigators have been looking into the illegal CIA rendition of innocent German citizen Khaled el-Masri. He identifies, with 90% certainty (he picked him out of a 10-man police lineup), a German federal policeman named Gerhard Lehmann as being involved in his interrogation in Kabul. Lehmann claims to have been on vacation in Germany at the time, but can't remember specifically where he was (!). This specific kind of memory problem occurs so often in conspiracies that it is almost a cliché ("I wasn't there, but I don't remember where I was"). Lehmann is so connected to the Mehlis investigation that he was the one who officially presented the report to the Lebanese government, a presentation documented in a photograph (Mehlis was tied up officially presenting the report to Kofi Annan).

Let's see. German official directly tied to CIA illegal rendition is also a major part of Mehlis investigation team. The Mehlis investigation is starting to look like just another CIA black op.