Saturday, February 04, 2006

Must Israel always win?

I'm getting a little tired about reading that every decision the Palestinians make somehow benefits the Israeli government. Vote for the PA? Benefits Israel. Vote for Hamas? Benefits Israel. Fight back? Suicide bomb? Benefits Israel. Don't fight back? Benefits Israel. This is all an Israeli trick to manipulate the Palestinians into giving up. The Israeli plan is to demoralize the Palestinians into thinking that resistance against ethnic cleansing is futile (the current specific targeting of Palestinian children by the IDF is also part of that program). This plan can be countered. Just voting for someone other than the Palestinian Authority, and proving that the Palestinian people have a mind of their own, is a moral victory. Getting rid of the PA, which has sold out the interests of the Palestinian people for the illusion of power and access to corruption, is a great improvement. It is always better to choose a party that has demonstrated through its actions, both peaceful and not, that it has your interests at stake. Don't believe the Israeli hype. The victory of Hamas was a big defeat for the colonialist aspirations of Israel.