Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Protocols of the Elders of Dubai

Some Americans are all in a huff because some multinational company owned out of Dubai is going to police some of their ports. No one wants to admit to being an anti-Arab racist, so the reason for the complaints has to be cloaked in some mumbo-jumbo about involvement in terrorism. In particular, the racists have latched onto the fact that a small amount of the millions spent on the 9-11 plot came from a wire transfer from a bank in Dubai. Holy shit! Those cunning Arabs and their ongoing efforts to undermine our 'Western values'. The Arabs have banks! They have wire transfers! Is Dubai supposed to close its banking system to make the world safe from terrorism? Were they supposed to somehow know that his particular guy making this particular transfer should have been stopped?

More sophisticated racists - James Ridgeway seems to have survived the right-wing takeover of the Village Voice quite well - have now created a mega-theory of Dubai perfidy, setting it up as the center of a world-wide illegal guns, drugs and terrorism organization. Everything follows from the fact that an arms dealer is based in Dubai (or course, there aren't any arms dealers anywhere else!). It's apparently the new version of the SPECTRE organization from James Bond films (this kind of thing is part of what gives me the creeps about Sibel Edmonds). This is so silly it's hardly worth commenting on, except for the fact that some who should probably know better are now playing the same tune. What is the difference between this kind of theory and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Crazed grand conspiracy theories are no longer permissible if a powerful group is the subject, but are wonderful if Arabs are the conspirators.

The Dubai conspiracy is apparently going to be to use the American ports to fill the United States up with illegal drugs and illegal arms. Finally, the American people will have illegal drugs and arms! Then they'll fill all the ships up with terrorists and blow up the entire country! You might think this would be bad for business if you are trying to run an international port security company, but the Arab love for terrorism knows no bounds.

The real problem with Dubai, or course, is that it's a little too much of a success story. It doesn't fit the Zionist model of what Arabs are supposed to be like. Bush is right on this one - although one might legitimately question why port security isn't handled by government - and his opponents, even those who think of themselves as being on the 'left', are racists.