Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pulsa denura

I need to write more about the Dubai ports issue, as I think the issue summarizes problems Americans have in dealing with the Middle East, and in dealing with terrorism. In the meantime, from my favorite magazine, the Fortean Times, an article on the pulsa denura, the death curse placed on Ariel Sharon by some Israeli right-wingers in July 2005. I guess it worked, although the death of a 5 foot tall, 350 pound, 78-year-old man, with acute heart disease and diabetes, whose recent problems resulted from the fact he received the exact opposite of the medical treatment he required, might, just might, have other causes. Yitshak Rabin received a similar curse one month before he was assassinated, proving that G-d, while all-powerful, can always use a little help. The ceremony took place at midnight at a particularly magical spot, the gravesite of Shlomo Ben Yosef. Shlomo Ben Yosef, a great hero of Betar (see his last letter to Zev Jabotinsky), was executed by the British in 1936 for a number of violent crimes, including shooting at a bus full of Arabs. There must be some mistake. Aren't we to understand that it is only Muslims who commit violent acts of terrorism, due to the inherent nature of their religion? Of course, there is a long history of terrorism committed by Jews when they were fighting for their country, with arguably less just a case than the Palestinians have in fighting now.