Monday, February 20, 2006

Pushing Israel into the sea

The idea of pushing Israel into the sea has come back into the news partly due to ruminations from an Iranian politician playing to the rabble (and notably, an idea officially disclaimed by the Iranian government), and partly due to the Israelamerican phony reaction to the terms of the Hamas charter. It's a bit rich for Israel to be complaining about the theoretical terms of the Hamas charter. Hamas has not the slightest capability or potential to impinge one inch on Israeli borders. While Israel complains about words and rhetoric, Israel is actually pushing Palestinians into the sea with the wall, a brutal occupation intended to force Palestinians out, and illegal seizures of land. Hypocrisy, thy name is Israel! The further irony is that Israel's false fears about the terms of the Hamas charter are just an excuse to withhold money from the Palestinians and force the Americans to do the same, all in aid of making life even more intolerable for the Palestinians. It's even more outrageous in that the money being withheld by Israel is Palestinian tax moneys rightfully belonging to the Palestinians which are only in the hands of the Israelis due to the fact that the illegal Israeli occupation puts Israel in the position to collect it.

Some thoughts about 'pushing Israel into the sea':

  1. It's simply not going to happen. Even if the Americans finally come around to a reasonable position on the Middle East - and I don't foresee that in the short- or even medium-term - the world isn't going to tolerate the destruction of Israel. Israel still has by far the most dangerous army in the Middle East, and, uniquely in the area, nuclear arms and the capability, and inclination, to use them in retaliation.

  2. If anybody were to try it, far more Arabs would be dead at the end of the attempt than dead Jews.

  3. Talking about pushing Israel into the sea plays right into the hands of the Zionists. The 'existential crisis' to Israel - 'never again' - is their sole rationale for the way they are allowed to treat the Palestinians. All the collective punishment, the brutal occupation, and all the settlements, are justified on the basis of necessity, based entirely on the lie that Israel has to do these things in order to stop itself from being destroyed. People who persist in talking about destroying Israel make it that much easier to support the lie.

  4. It may seem odd, but the modern Middle East needs Israel. Like it or not, Israel is going to remain the most industrialized nation, and the main conduit for non-oil-related Western capital, for the foreseeable future. Leaving Israel alone within its proper borders is also the proper model for coexistence of all Middle Eastern states.

  5. It would be wrong to destroy Israel, both morally wrong and, of course, illegal under international law. The fact that the state of Israel seems to have trouble with concepts of international law does not mean that the Israeli people should forfeit its protection. This is particularly so as Israel as one of the most ridiculous systems of government possible, guaranteed to put political power in the craziest of crazy minority groups. To put it bluntly, if Israel had a true first-past-the-post political system, the entire Israeli-Palestinian issue would have been solved years ago. You can't punish the Israeli people for having a moronic political system. It is also our hypocrisy if we complain about the loss of sovereignty of the Iraqi people, or the failure of Israel to allow the Palestinians a state, if we are not prepared to allow the same sovereignty to Israel. The hypocrisy of the state of Israel does not justify the hypocrisy of its opponents.