Tuesday, February 14, 2006


People are wondering about the cover-up of the Cheney shotgun incident. Think of how it must have looked at the time to the people there. Cheney, close to falling-down drunk and without the requisite license for the hunting he was doing, wheels around and fires a shotgun at near point-blank range flush into the face of a seventy-eight-year-old man, who must have fallen like a rock. Screams. Blood everywhere. His face must have been a mask of blood. It would have seemed likely that Cheney had killed the guy, or at least blinded him. Little wonder there was a clumsy cover-up. They had to wait for the medical results before releasing any information (apparently, even Bush wasn't told that Cheney was the perp when he was informed about the incident). Had the guy died you can bet that we would have never heard anything about it. Rigorous Intuition covers some of the High Strangeness issues surrounding the incident and Cheney. We'll never know what really happened, as the disgusting American media is, with good cause, completely terrified of Cheney.