Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A single pellet of Texas buckshot

From a New York Times account of Quailgate:

"Mr. Cheney sprayed Mr. Whittington, 78, with 6 to 200 pieces of birdshot, the doctors said yesterday."

Now, I don't expect the doctors to have to take off their shoes to do the counting, but . . . 6 to 200? What kind of estimate is that? Did they examine him from outer space? '6 to 200' is obviously a nice way of saying 200, but they can't say 200 out loud as that would mean Cheney was too close for the Official Story to stand. I don't know the legal terminology in Texas, but if the victim croaks, or even if he croaks later but his doctors feel his death was accelerated by the incident, we're looking at something like criminal negligence causing death. What the lies leading to the attack on Iraq and the intentional campaign to out Plame - not to mention the outrageous conflict of interest concerning Halliburton war profiteering - couldn't accomplish, landing Dick in the jail in which he deserves to be, might end up happening as the result of a single pellet of Texas buckshot.