Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chomsky shills for the Lobby

Here’s Chomsky shilling for the Israel Lobby.  His argument is essentially that American support for Israel is like American support of a whole line of causes, all of which are in aid of American Empire building.  Therefore, the real motivating factor is American Empire, and not Lobby interests.  This argument is silly, and completely without content, because it proves too much.  What if the United States had supported the Arabs rather than Israel, a much more obvious strategy for the interests of Americans and the Empire?  Then Chomsky would be writing how that pro-Arab strategy was in aid of the American elites and their Empire!  Had Americans supported Arabs and not Israel the American Empire would be much, much, much more powerful than it is now (at this very moment, it is about to collapse).  The Empire thesis supports any set of possible American actions, and so is completely without content.

Chomsky seems to think it is important that Israel is occasionally - very, very occasionally – forced to back down by American officials from its most outrageous crimes against humanity or actions against American interests.  This proves nothing as long as the primary ethnic cleansing goal of the Lobby continues unabated, which it does. The fact that the Lobby may have been useful to the Empire twenty years ago is completely irrelevant to a post-Cold War world.  Chomsky is smart enough to know this, so we have to assume he’s spinning for the Lobby.  Another icon has ruined his reputation, all for Greater Israel.  It’s sad.  Despite all his great work, he’ll go down in history as a shill for evil.