Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Demolition control

Controlled demolition continues to be the most popular of the September 11 conspiracy theories.  Cannonfire considers the collapse of WTC7, and is not impressed by the arguments made by the conspiracy theorists.  Of course, many of the same arguments are made with respect to the two towers.  I think it might be possible to distinguish the collapse of WTC7, based on the fact that it collapsed in an obviously different way from the collapses of the towers.  WTC7 fell in a way which looks like a controlled demolition.  Diesel fuel or not, there is still no reason for WTC7 to collapse, particularly as there is no reason to believe that the protective insulation was knocked off the girders.  The insulation is there to prevent a fire from weakening the steel, and its removal by the plane crashes led to the collapse of the towers.  What knocked the insulation off the steel in WTC7?

Given the spooky tenant list of WTC7, I wonder whether it is possible that WTC7 was ‘pulled’ as part of a pre-existing protocol which had nothing whatsoever to do with September 11.  It may have been felt that it would be dangerous to allow fireman and fire inspectors to wander around in WTC7.  For example, there may have been a fear that spies of various kinds might take the opportunity of the confusion to pick something up.  What if some government organization had floors of cells to hold innocent American citizens after the Orwellian crack-down?  There are some things you just don’t want outsiders to see.  WTC7 might have been pre-installed with charges for the purpose of taking it down should there be any need for outsiders to enter sensitive areas, the idea being that it is better to destroy everything rather than run the risk of secrets falling into the wrong hands.  The tenants may have been tenants there on the understanding that information in the building was protected in that way (leading to an understanding attitude towards the placing of the explosive charges).  The fact that the Official Story is having trouble with WTC7, after having no trouble explaining the tower collapses, may mean that there is more to the collapse of WTC7 than we are supposed to hear.

One of the arguments made about the collapse of the two towers is that they fell so fast – as fast as free-fall or even faster (! - someone alert Galileo!) – that there needed to be explosive charges involved.  This theory is one of those that proves too much.  In order for the controlled demolition to knock out the joint supports in a way which would satisfy the 9–11 skeptics, there would have had to be cutting charges placed on nearly every floor all the way up the building.  Since the buildings were finished, and had interior walls, the installers of the explosives would have had to remove the walls, remove the insulation, place the charges in various places symmetrically around the core of each tower, on almost every floor of a continually occupied building, without anyone seeing anything.  The explosions had to be timed perfectly to go off floor by floor and they had to be certain that the timing of the explosions would not be affected by the fact that planes were going to be crashing somewhere into the buildings.  Not just impossible.  Preposterous.