Friday, March 17, 2006

The Israel Lobby's Canadian branch office

From the comments section, a comment from Man From Atlan, which I’m sure you won’t see anywhere else, but which needs to be seen:

“Robert Pritchard, Star CEO took venture capitalist Gerald Schwartz for a get together around the Star newsroom shortly after the paper published an article about uber Zionists like Schwartz getting together to influence Canadian foreign policy.
This was enough to indicate the Star's editorial policy, which once was pro-Palestinian rights, had shifted to a more nebulous 'neutrality'.
This was followed by lotsa articles about female imams, radical muslims, and banning Hamas as a terrorist organisation.
Then when Schwartz's spouse Heather Reisman took "Muslim Lesbian" and frequent Star columnist Irshad Manji to the 2005 Bilderberg meeting it became clear: The Star had become Zionist Central, and the only one with balls there was Antonia Zerbisias.
Still, in a market of 500,000 Muslims, the Star's getting its comeuppance: profits are down 22%”

Pritchard is a mega-jerk who likes to suck up to power and appears to have aspirations to be Prime Minister of Canada one day (heaven forbid!).  Schwartz has oddles of dough which he likes to spend on politicians.  You can see how easy it is for this kind of manipulation to work.  Zerbisias’ blog is here

As an aside, I note that Schwartz bought his wife Reisman the Canadian ‘big box’ bookstore chain Chapters, which has destroyed independent book stores in Canada, along with much of Canadian book publishing, and Reisman is proceeding to turn Chapters into what amounts to the world’s largest chain of candle stores (who needs books anyway?).  She apparently can’t figure out how to make money selling books. 

The Canadian dedication to ‘neutrality’ in the Middle East, forced by the Canadian branch of the Lobby, has taken Canada to the point where it now votes on UN Resolutions concerning Israel against the rest of the world and along with Israel, the U. S., and those embarrassing South Sea islands that are bribed to vote along.  The Lobby has made Canada into a South Sea island!  The issue of the influence of the Lobby came up with the Hamas issue, when the Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter MacKay, attempted to take a moderate approach and carefully worked out a deal with the Russians so that Canada could continue to aid the Palestinians.  This is the kind of behind-the-scenes technical diplomacy that Foreign Affairs Canada still excels at, and doesn't get enough credit for (other recent examples are key roles in the International Criminal Court, the Kyoto Agreement, and, of course, the Ottawa Convention on land mines). The Lobby immediately phoned the Prime Minister directly, and the Foreign Affairs Minister was forced to eat crow when Canada immediately took a hard-line stance against Hamas.  The mechanism of the Lobby is a little less slick and institutionalized than it is in the United States, but it is just as effective. 

To save the world, we must all work together to stop the Lobby!