Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Lobby as a necessary cause of Evil

One of the criticisms of the thesis that the Israel Lobby has a disproportionate influence over American politics is that it ignores the context that the American Empire might have its own reasons for doing the things that the Likudniks and their American agents lobby for American politicians to do.  It’s a truism that the Americans have their own colonial interests in the Middle East, and of course these interests play a huge role in American government decisions.  American politicians have to make their decisions in a cloud of various interest groups.  Balancing everyone’s desires must sometimes seem impossible, but a momentous decision like the Iraq war would need a lot of different people and interested parties to sign on to make it fly.  All that means, however, is that the Israeli Lobby is not a sufficient cause of a decision like the Iraq war, or American policies towards Hamas, or American tacit acceptance of Israeli usurpation of Palestinian lands.  All critics of the Lobby have to prove is that it is a necessary cause of these American political decisions.  In other words, criticism of the Lobby is valid and powerful as long as the decisions would not have been made but for the actions of the Lobby.  The Lobby fought hard for the Iraq war.  Were it not for the Lobby, Bush would not have been able to attack Iraq as he would not have been able to muster sufficient Congressional support.  The Lobby’s amazing ties to the majority of American Congressmen made the war on Iraq possible.  But for the actions of the Lobby, the war would not have happened.  Of course, it is also fair to say that but for the massive lie-making and PR spinning efforts by the Lobby’s agents in the White House, the Jewish neocons, the war would also not have been possible.  Thus, the Lobby can be blamed for the war, as well as for many other bad American political decisions.