Saturday, March 04, 2006

More Snort

One of my commentators points out that Snort is open source (and, on the subject of comments, note this one, for more info being turned over to Israelis).  That doesn’t answer the problem.  The problem is that security for American military and intelligence computers is being operated by a company which is being bought by Israeli interests.  We don’t even know if they are now using pure Snort, or a non-open-source version.  We certainly don’t know what changes may be made in the future.  We don’t know whether the people in the American government monitoring this have any way to know what is being done to the security.  I’m sure there are ways to modify the program that could not be detected.  In other words, the open-source nature of Snort is not relevant to the problem (as the original commentator said, correctly, “Opening up your systems to third parties for your security is always a bad idea.”).  Given the history of Israeli misuse of American secrets – which, I note, is almost always done for pure monetary gain and not to protect the security interests of Israel – it seems insane to put security over American government secrets in the hands of an Israeli, or any non-American, firm.  It would be funny if the attack on the Dubai ports deal – which I believe was started by crazed Zionist talk show host Michael Savage and thus may be an Israeli operation – led to the Israelis losing another backdoor into American secrets.