Thursday, March 30, 2006

Peter Waldron et al

There is a l-o-n-g history of Americans using missionaries for covert political purposes (see the huge book, “Thy Will Be Done”).  Recent examples include Michael Meiring (more here) and Lestat Claudius de Orleans y Montevideo.  The most recent one is Peter Waldron in Uganda.  To get a taste for the wild company these people keep, a few words on Meiring:

“Philippine police discovered that Meiring, the NSC amputee, had run with
neo-nazis and Islamic radicals alike, including the Abu Sayyaf and other
radical fronts. His key contact in Nevada was financier James Rowe of
Nevada, an executive producer for Wild Rose Productions, an independent
documentary production company in New Green Valley, near Las Vegas. Rowe, in
turn, ran with white supremacists and tax rebels in Nevada, also neo-nazis
in the United States and Germany. Another of Meiring's contacts back home
was Chuck Ager, an ultracon mining engineer in Colorado. Another was Nina
North (possibly an alias), a CIA operative who took over ‘back door’
financial transactions in black market gold formerly conducted by Oliver
North. Another was Filipino-American Bob Gould, a tax protester from
Hayward, California in league with Fred Obado, leader of the Kodar Kiram
terrorist cell, son of Sultan Jumalul Kiram.”

It’s like a short history of conspiracy theory all in one guy.