Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sheikh Yassin's picture

Dahr Jamail assembles a lot of evidence regarding the Israeli assistance to the United States in attacking the Iraqi people.  Jamail writes:

“I remember seeing photos of Sheikh Yassin in several areas of Baghdad and Abu Ghraib while both entering and exiting Fallujah on April 9 and 10, during the US attack on the city. The photos of the slain Hamas leader were pasted on the sides of cars, trucks, roadside food stalls and even some houses.”

Sheikh Yassin was the leader of Hamas murdered by Israel on March 22, 2004 as part of its program of targeted assassinations (the current democratically elected leaders of Hamas are also under vague Israeli threats of similar treatment).  Just because Americans are the most ill-informed people on the planet – thanks to their corrupt, lazy and stupid media – doesn’t mean that Israeli actions don’t directly affect the response of  people in the Middle East to Americans.  Iraqis accurately see the attack against them and against Islam as being part of a coordinated Israeli-American strategy.