Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shocking new evidence

The ‘shocking new evidence’ and ‘major breakthrough’ in the Hariri assassination investigation is that the investigators now have transcripts of telephone calls between Lebanon and Syria, including a call between a Lebanese official and a Syrian official in which the Lebanese official informed the Syrian official of the death of Hariri.  A few comments:

    1. Why wouldn’t a Lebanese official inform a Syrian official about such a development?  How does it lead to an assumption of guilt?
    2. This may prove Syrian innocence.  Why would they need a call if they did it?
    3. The British knew about the assassination investigation and held on to the transcript of the call until now.  What’s up with that?  Were they afraid that they would show the Syrians that all their phones are bugged?  Is it now so important to frame Syria that they are prepared to give up their phone surveillance operation?

Note the last paragraph of the article, the Return of Mehlis!