Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Chomskowitz strategem

Michael Neumann passes on the Israel Lobby debate, and heads for the meat of American Middle East policy:

“What matters is that the US no longer has any reason to support Israel, and huge reason not to. Just imagine if the US stopped backing Israel and gave even moderate support to the Palestinians. Suddenly Islam and America would be on the same side. The war on terror would become a cakewalk. The credibility of American democracy would skyrocket in the Middle East. And it would all be a hell of a lot cheaper. This seems a tad more important than which Jewish neocon said what to whom.”

As a debating technique, this may make sense.  Americans will spend eternity arguing who did what to whom and why, and the real influence of the Lobby will continue.  In fact guys like Chomsky and Dershowitz – whose views are essentially identical on this matter so I’ll call them ‘Chomskowitz’ – would like nothing better for the real issues to be lost in a pointless debate.  By needlessly stepping into the debate, the Chomsky end – I assume Chomsky is the head and Dershowitz the ass – achieved his goal of focusing everybody on the inessential.

On the other hand, some of us just want the truth of what really happened to come out.