Thursday, April 06, 2006

Chomsky summary

Some commentators have pointed out the excellent article (or here) by Ghali Hassan on Chomsky-gate.  To summarize what I feel about Chomsky:

  • Only in the United States could anyone have a ‘debate’ on the Lobby issue.  The basic Mearsheimer/Walt thesis is absolutely true, and everybody in the world knows it.  You have only to look at members of Congress reacting to the slightest hint that they don’t show sufficient fealty to Israel as if they were teenaged girls reacting to the arrival of the slasher in a slasher movie, or to look at AIPAC stating that it is going to have a particular member removed for not being sufficiently Israel-friendly, doing it, and then boasting about it, or to look at the consistent almost unanimous votes on the most outrageous anti-Palestinian motions imaginable.
  • Chomsky isn’t an idiot, and is fully informed, so he knows the thesis is true.
  • Despite this, Chomsky went out of his way to publish on the matter (he didn’t have to comment on it, and he certainly didn’t have to attack it), thus using his considerable intellectual reputation to provide cover for the Lobby to allow it to continue to do the evil that it does.
  • Fine reading of Chomsky shows that there is a long-standing Zionist exception to his criticism of Empire.

Put this all together, and Chomsky’s actions on this matter are deplorable, and put the lie to his entire life’s work.