Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chomsky turns over his cards

Blankfort on Chomsky:

“He would have us believe that Israel’s occupation and harsh actions against the Palestinians, its invasions and undeclared 40 years war on Lebanon, and its arming of murderous regimes in Central America and Africa during the Cold War, has been done as a client state in the service of US interests. In Chomsky’s world view, that absolves Israel of responsibility and has become standard Chomsky doctrine.”

Continuing my theme that Chomsky’s ill-advised political act in getting into the Lobby debate on the side that protects the Lobby, thus making Chomsky personally and directly responsible for the slo-mo genocide against the Palestinian people (and putting the lie to his entire life’s work:  American beating up on Nicaraguan peasant bad; Israeli beating up on Palestinian peasant not so bad, because it is all the American’s fault), I wonder if this summarizes, in a nutshell, the deep problem with Chomskian anti-Americanism.  Has anything gotten better since Chomsky started telling us about the problems with the American Empire?  No.  Everything has gotten much worse.  Why?  Because Chomsky’s information is directed at vague intangible bad guys that Americans can’t do anything about.  Short of revolution, which ain’t gonna happen, how do you wage war against a ‘class’?  On the other hand, it you are made aware that there are certain identified people – like, ahem, the Lobby – that are causing the problem, you can actually do something about it.

Chomsky’s bizarre blindness about Israel is starting to look like the pattern of his life’s work.  Americans are no more responsible for what happens than are Israelis, as everything is the fault of the American Empire.  He provides reams of carefully-edited facts, but the sum total of what he does amounts to what we could call ‘controlled dissent’.  He seems to be complaining, but he is no real threat to the Empire, as the only road out left by him is Revolution.  Acting on his writings is hopeless, which is why things continue to become worse.  Ironically, this criticism of Chomsky is the main political criticism leveled by the left against conspiracy theory.