Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Connecting the dots

I’ve written a lot about Ali Mohamed and his extraordinary plea agreement, which seems to have resulted in his not receiving any sentence at all.  We have to assume has been quietly released, despite his admissions to involvement with terrorist activities for al Qaeda against the United States embassies in Africa.  Reading between the lines (and trying to guess what is on the redacted page seventeen), it appears that the deal was that his eventual sentence would depend on the value of his testimony against others, but he was never asked to testify (presumably because the government didn’t want what he had to say to become public).  The entire plea agreement appears to have been a charade to make it look like the government was doing something against terrorism while actually it was just engaging in a cover-up.  Ali Mohamed is a key piece of evidence of American government connections to what purports to be terrorism against the United States, and thus has to be considered as a model for Mohamed Atta.  In considering Ali Mohamed, I failed to connect one big dot.  The Assistant United States Attorney who presented the government’s case concerning the plea bargain?  Patrick Fitzgerald.