Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Israel-Iran alliance

The secret Israel-Iran alliance isn’t much written about (it’s a secret, after all).  Here are some quick points to think about:

  • the ‘doctrine of the periphery’, the idea that Israel’s natural allies are non-Arab states not adjacent to Israel, which Susser indicates is dead, is very much alive, applying now both to Turkey and the Kurds (an impossibility in the long run, which both Turkey and the Kurds are going to find out), and applies most of all to the Persians (Cyrus the Great was the liberator of the Jews!)
  • Iran facilitated the immigration of the Jews from Iraq to Israel in 1948-1949
  • continuing dealings between Ledeen and Ghorbanifar, who represents Iranian business interests (the real long-term power base in Iran)
  • Israeli support for Iran in the Iran-Iraq war
  • a little thing we like to call Iran-Contra, although the Contras got very little out of it, should have been called Iran-Israel, as it was primarily a deal for the Israelis to sell arms to Iran.

The relationship is literally thousands of years old, and a few Mullahs aren’t going to slow it down.  The fact that Iran lies completely outside the proposed boundaries of Greater Israel is a bonus.


Anonymous said...

You ARE RIGHT! I am Iranian and love Israel...Iran's biggest enemies have always been, and will be, SUNNI ARABS...you Arabs make claims to both the Gulf and Iranian territory, just like you make claims to Israeli territory. If the leadership in Iran had any brains, which they don't, they would not support Sunni Arab Palestinians who hate Shia Iranians (whom they consider kafir and heretics) and who still call the late Saddam Hussein "the greatest Arab hero"...the same Saddam who slaughtered so many Shia Iraqis and Iranians.

I don't give a shit what happens to you Palestinians...I feel less hostile to Christian Palestinians, since they don't put much stock into the Sunni-Shia war you Arabs have started.

Long Live ISRAEL! From an Iranian.

I hope they build more settlements...

Anonymous said...

And honestly, I don't know why a dumb fuck like Ahmadinejad calls for "Jerusalem Day" and talks about liberating Al-Aqsa, (a Sunni mosque built by Omar ibn al-Khattab who all Shia and Iranians hate), from "Zionist captivity".

Don't get me wrong, Shi'ism itself is screwed up and has ruined Iran thanks to the Ayatollahs, but you Sunnis are far more fucked up...I hate Islam, period.

The thing is, Iran's enemies are Arabs...especially Sunni Arabs...it wasn't Israel that attacked Iran, it was Ba'athist Arab Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I am an Iranian and strongly support Israel. We are two nations in a sea of hostile Arabs. The only way we shall be able to survive long term is by alliance. The Islamic Regime will be gone one day. The following Nationalist Regime should make Israeli alliance one of its prime objectives.