Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Israeli end game

Something I don’t understand about Chomskowitz and its Lobby pals:  what’s the end game?  From a reader response to Undernews:

“The thing a lot of Israel-firsters fail to comprehend is that Israel's making permanent enemies of all its neighbors is not a wise policy in the long term. It might take the Arabs another 50 years to get their act together, but eventually they will beat the Israelis in a war (when the time comes, the US might well be in no position - or mood - to rescue Israel). And when they do, it won't be pretty.”

Does Chomskowitz actually think that after the ethnic cleansing is over the Arab world is just going to say ‘Hey, nice job!’ and forget about it?  Or is the Apocalypse going to arrive and take care of the problem?