Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Possibility and conspiracy

Impossibility is the thing that draws me to conspiracy theory.  Oswald could not possibly have done what he is said to have done, so there must have been a conspiracy.  My problem with controlled demolition theories of the two towers is that it is impossible for the charges to have been planted in hundreds of floors of constantly and heavily occupied buildings without even one person seeing anything.  There would have had to be obvious construction activities on all these floors – walls and insulation removed in multiple places – and thousands of people would have had to see it.  It would have had to have been done shortly before the attack, as no demolition expert would rely on old charges or an old detonation system.  No expert could guarantee success on such a project with a huge amount of unpredictable damage caused by the airplanes hitting the towers (and by the way, I an getting tired of hearing that no steel building has ever been felled by a mere fire;  show me a steel building with a fire that has been hit by a large aircraft which knocked off the insulation specifically put on the building to stop a fire from weakening the steel – why do you think they put insulation on the steel? – and I’ll pay attention).  Since the project of installing the materials required for controlled demolition without any witnesses noticing anything is impossible, I have to reject the thesis.  Peculiar artifacts in videos must have some other explanation, as does the ‘physics’ described by experts from podunk universities.

On the other hand, a missile attack on the Pentagon is quite possible.  A trailer-mounted cruise missile fired from a military base in northern Virginia could have done the damage done to the Pentagon, and in fact would have left just the damage profile seen in the Pentagon (there is no way to explain how Flight 77 could have caused the damage).  The reason Flight 77 detoured to the west for such a long time – a time when you would think the hijacker pilot would have been in a hurry to finish the attack for fear of being intercepted by American fighter jets – was that the Pentagon experts had to be sure the towers had been hit before the Pentagon was attacked (it would have been hard to explain a naked Pentagon attack if the other attacks had failed).  You arrange for a similar plane (or maybe exactly the same plane) to fly low over the Pentagon at exactly the time that the cruise missile hits, so it appears to witnesses that the plane disappeared into the Pentagon (it actually disappeared out of sight over the Pentagon).  You plant a few ringer witnesses who say exactly what you want the Official Story to look like, and you seize and hide all the surveillance videos.  Not only possible, but easy.