Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Saint Noam has a posse

I think I’ve learned that there are two things you just aren’t allowed to criticize on a blog:  controlled demolition theories about the WTC, and Noam Chomsky.  Saint Noam has a posse, and it’s watching his back.  I understand why Noam is so popular with what passes for American progressive thought.  He lays the criticism of the American Empire on thick, but never actually blames Americans for the problems.  It’s always some undefined class or ‘interest’,  guys in silk top hats who hang around Wall Street, guys who Noam can never quite put his finger on.  If he identified anybody who actually did something, Americans might actually have to do something about it.  Noam simultaneously blames dark actors, absolves actual Americans, and lets the left off the hook for actually doing anything.  What could be better than that?

Blankfort proves that Chomsky is a closet Zionist.  Watching a Chomskowitz ‘debate’ about Israel is like watching a Harlem Globetrotters game.  Chomsky will always win, and prove how open-minded Zionists really are by criticizing the details of the ethnic cleansing.  Dershowitz plays the Washington Generals and gracefully loses.  It’s entertainment in aid of controlling debate.  Left unsaid is whether the project of Greater Israel should really be proceeding.  Just like the average American, Israel is off the hook for the atrocities as it is all really the work of the evil, but vaguely defined, American Empire.  It’s a neat trick, but it is a trick.

I’ve always really liked Chomsky, with the proviso that I’ve always been unsettled by his complete refusal to even consider conspiracy theory in the JFK assassination.  His taking a political stand on the Lobby issue opened my eyes to wider problems with his methods.  I’m not misrepresenting him, just reading between the lines a bit.  In case you haven’t noticed, that is what I do.