Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The second bag

In order to believe the Official Story of September 11, you have to believe that a man about to embark on a suicide mission would carry a bag with him containing information on the entire terrorist plot (why?), a bag he had to believe would be destroyed along with him, and a bag which miraculously never made it onto the hijacked plane and conveniently fell into the hands of the FBI, who used the information in it to solve the crime in a suspiciously short time period.  This miracle bag is the second miracle bag; the first miracle bag was Atta’s other bag found at Logan, the one containing his unlikely Muslim will and some bizarre terrorist instructions.  It’s funny we’re just hearing about the Rosetta stone bag now, from a former FBI agent who was retired at the time of 9–11, who heard about it at John O'Neill’s funeral from another now retired FBI agent, who now works in private industry in Dubai.  Is someone in the FBI feeling uneasy about the short time-frame in which the crime was solved?