Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wasting more time in Israel

The only decent thing I’ve read about the Israeli elections is by Omar Barghouti.  Israeli’s all have broken arms from slapping themselves on the backs so many times for rejecting Netanyahu.  All they really did was reject Netanyahu’s Eichmann-esque Final Solution to the Palestinian Problem, something that Israel would never have gotten away with, in favor of Sharon’s slow-motion ethnic cleansing through incrementally making life so intolerable for the Palestinians that they are forced to ‘voluntarily’ leave Greater Israel.  In the future history of ethnic cleansing and genocide, this will be known as the ‘Israeli method’.  It isn’t something to be proud of.  It also won’t work.  Israel would have been better off voting for Likud, as they would have at least seen the folly of their attempted genocide more quickly.