Tuesday, May 02, 2006

93 or 77

Joseph Cannon notes that the transcript of the cockpit recordings from Flight 93 have been considerably embellished since 2002 in order to fill in the details of the ‘let’s roll’ mythology of the heroic passenger revolt.  The revolt story – now a ‘major motion picture’, with no reviewer even mentioning the fact that the entire story is mythology - is presumably being pushed in order to hide the fact that Cheney – and not Bush, the only guy with the authority to do so – ordered that Flight 93 be shot down.  We know it was shot down, rather than crashed as a result of the attack on the cockpit by the passengers, because of the wide distribution of the wreckage.

It is still a mystery why this subject is so touchy for the Bush Administration.  After all, if Flight 93 was headed for the White House, a story raised again in the Moussaoui lynching proceedings, Americans would have no objection to authorities making a difficult, but necessary, decision.

There is a crazy idea floating out there.  Some people believe that Flight 93 landed safely in Cleveland, presumably as a part of the FAA-mandated landing of all planes in American skies that day (note the ‘factually incorrect’ explanation at the site of the original report).  It would therefore have never been hijacked.  The only evidence that it was hijacked comes from the American government, and who believes the American government?  What was shot down over Pennsylvania?  What about Flight 77?  It had lots of time to get there.  In fact, it remains a great mystery why, given the fact that Hani Hanjour (!) must have known at that late time that American jets would be coming after him, the plane took a leisurely trip to the west before heading back to Washington to crash into the Pentagon.  Could Flight 77, also never hijacked and still under the control of its original pilot, have been ordered to fly north, and then shot down over Pennsylvania?

That would take care of two of the four planes.  The other two flew out of Logan.  With the still unexplained mysterious trip of Atta and Alomari to Portland, and the new information on the miracle second bag which solved the entire conspiracy, the Logan story is becoming harder and harder to believe.  If we eliminate the two late planes, we are left with two planes that hit the WTC towers, with no believable explanation of who was piloting them.  What if the entire story of September 11 is a fabrication?