Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Chomsky or Blum?

Noam Chomsky has been making a lot of hay on the idea that he can’t be heard in the establishment media.  Despite this, everybody seems to know who he is.  Chomsky was recently lecturing to West Point of all places, demonstrating that he is not quite as dangerous as we are supposed to think.  His type of opposition is comfortable to the Establishment, particularly as Chomsky provides no real solution for all the problems that he raises.

On the other hand, since William Blum’s name was mentioned on one of the bin Laden tapes – almost certainly phony and probably an example of CIA psychological operations – no one has been willing to have him as a speaker (scroll down to end to read Blum’s complaint, but read the rest too).  As between Chomsky and Blum, who do you think is really making the Establishment nervous?