Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The CIA's sin

The CIA's sin, according to the peculiar ethics of Dick Cheney, is not that it came up with intelligence that contradicted the neocon position on Iraq. That was to be expected, as the truth is always to be expected. The neocons had a plan to deal with the truth, called the Office of Special Plans. Together with their complete control over the disgusting American media, the truth was not going to be a problem. No, the problem was that the CIA, and in particular George Tenet, tried to play both ends against the middle. Everything, or just about everything, was fine with the CIA until after the war, when suddenly all the quibbles started pouring out. Curveball, biolabs, nukes - the CIA apparently knew all these things were bullshit, but chose, in Cheney's view (and he is not entirely wrong), to wait until after the war to use them as political ammunition against the Bush Administration. Joe Wilson and David Kelly were guilty of exactly the same crime, and paid for it in different ways. As far as Cheney is concerned, that crime is treason.

Porter Goss was put into the CIA with specific instructions to wreck the place, at least with respect to its intelligence-gathering and analysis capability. The problem was that he was an old CIA guy (very old, if you follow Hopsicker's view), and seemed to believe that his job was to try to limit the damage caused by Cheney as much as possible. The negative reaction to his 'resignation' within the CIA indicates that the CIA establishment felt he was doing the best he could, and his replacement will be much worse. 

The exact opposite view – that Goss was pulled by Negroponte in a power struggle with Rumsfeld as Goss was being too successful in wrecking the CIA - seems to be contradicted by the reaction of the CIA.  There is no indication that the CIA is being saved by Negroponte.

'Dusty' Foggo is described as having been a mid-level 'procurement officer', suddenly elevated by Goss to be the number three man in the Agency, essentially running the operations. A procurement officer is the kind of guy who hangs around the water cooler, ordering such essential CIA office supplies as notebooks, pens, cattle prods, and eye gougers. Yet he is also described as being - my emphasis in red - "a logistics expert well known to junketing congressmen who visited Frankfurt, Germany, where Foggo was based."  Do you think he gave ‘parties’ in Frankfurt.  What exactly did he ‘procure’?

If Foggo is just a professional CIA blackmailer hiding behind the name of procurement officer (an example of the CIA sense of humor?), he – and Goss – may be guilty of no more than blackmailing the wrong guys.  The neocon view of the Iraq war is that it was a splendid success, if only for the fact that the CIA fouled up the PR with its competing view of the truth.  Eliminate the competition, and the next war, and PR war, will be a complete success.  The way to eliminate the competition is to route all the intelligence gathering through the Pentagon.

Goss was fired in such a big hurry that he didn’t even know, the morning of the ‘resignation’, that he was going.  Everyone seems to feel that the speed has to do with the upcoming revelations about Hookergate.  Since I very much doubt that either Goss or Foggo would get their hookers in such an obviously dangerous place - and in fact wonder whether Foggo was john or pimp - I also doubt that either would be caught in that way.  Patrick Kennedy got hopped up and crashed his car the night before.  Could it be that the Pentagon destruction of the CIA had been planned for a long time and was just waiting the time when a competing juicy story would help to conceal the operation?