Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Completely backwards

With the judge in the AIPAC case waiting for a quiet time in August to announce that the AIPAC case has to be thrown out as what the AIPAC defendants did is constitutionally-protected speech (a good rebuttal of the AIPAC arguments is here or here), and American Attorney General Gonzales announcing that he believes American journalists should be prosecuted for writing about classified materials, the United States is headed to the interesting position where disclosure of classified material, obtained by de facto agents for a foreign government with the intent to deliver such material to a spy for that foreign government so foreign generals and spies can read it and act on it, will result in no crime as laws against espionage are unconstitutional, while the exact same classified material, handed to an American journalist so that Americans may find out about it, will result in prosecution of the journalist with no constitutional protection.  They have it completely backwards.