Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Confirmation of Plamegate as a CIA set-up

You know I’ve been going on a long time about how I feel Plamegate is just an CIA operation against the White House.  Confirmation comes in this report of an allegation in Libby’s court filings that it was the CIA itself that told Libby about Plame’s identity.  If the allegation is true, Plamegate was a CIA set-up.  Ironically, perhaps, the first mention of this possibility was by Jason Leopold.

The time-line would be as follows:

  • Wilson waits until after invasion to discuss the lies of the Bush White House
  • White House is furious
  • CIA cunningly lets slip to Libby information about their burned and therefore useless agent Plame, including the fatal idea that it was Plame who arranged to have Wilson sent to Niger
  • Libby and the White House fall into the sting
  • CIA talks up Plame’s role, making her sound like James Bond on steroids.

By the way, the recent imbroglio about Truthout ‘premature’ reporting on Rove, and the discussions at Democratic Underground, provided confirmation of this.  William Pitt let slip that Joe Wilson was the guy who rounded up the sources.  What the hell is going on?  This is earth-shattering (and has apparently been deleted from DU).  Of course, Rove’s whole argument is that Plamegate is a partisan political attack by the Democrats on hard-working American civil servants who are only trying to protect Americans from terrorism while fending off bogus attacks from the CIA and the Democrats.  In particular, the White House claims it has been set up by Wilson-directed-by-Plame-directed-by-vengeful-CIA.  If Wilson is behind the latest Truthout mess, it just proves Rove’s point, and provides even more confirmation to the idea that the entire matter is a CIA plot.