Sunday, May 07, 2006

Goss, Foggo, and the honeytrap

From Cannonfire:

“Larry Johnson claims that his sources tell him that Goss did not partake of the hookers at chateau Wilkes. Here's a thought: What if Goss, old spook that he is, helped set up the sting, in order to entrap his fellow congressmen? Maybe he's a mack, not a john. After all, someone had to introduce those legislators to spooked-up ‘businessmen’ Brent Wilkes and Mitchell Wade...”

Exactly what I thought on hearing the story.  Goss and Foggo are both old CIA hands, and know how the game is played.  Neither would be stupid enough to fall into such an obvious ‘honeytrap’, and the most likely scenario, if Foggo is involved, is that he set it up (“Foggo, who occasionally hosted the poker parties at his house in northern Virginia, is under investigation by the CIA's inspector general to determine whether he helped Wilkes gain CIA contracts.”; see also here, for a certain kind of CIA take, a kind I frankly don’t put much trust in, on the matter of Goss and Foggo).  Since the quick timing indicates that Goss was fired on very short notice, and Foggo may be resigning, you have to wonder whether Goss tried to use Foggo’s blackmail pictures to gain some ground on the White House in the ongoing CIA-Cheney turf wars, and Cheney proved again that he is the biggest sumabitch around (Goss on the resignation:  “it's one of those mysteries”).  The odd firing by Goss of Mary McCarthy – fired for leaking to the press when she probably didn’t leak – probably has something to do with this.  If you read between the lines a bit, you can see that there are indications that Goss is an old hand at using sexual blackmail to deal with his political obstacles.