Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Neocon diplomacy

F William Engdahl discusses (or here) the disastrous geopolitical missteps of the Bush Administration, including abetting the rise of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a Sino-Russian power bloc which is about to include Iran:

“The admission of Iran into the SCO opens many new options for Iran and the region. By virtue of SCO membership, Iran will now be able to take part in SCO projects, which in turn means access to badly needed technology, investment, trade and infrastructure development. It will have major implications for global energy security.

The SCO has reportedly set up a working group of experts ahead of the June summit to develop a common SCO Asian energy strategy, and discuss joint pipeline projects, oil exploration and related activities. Iran sits on the world's second-largest natural-gas reserves, and Russia has the largest. Russia is the world's second-largest oil producer after Saudi Arabia. These are no small moves.”

 Engdahl also summarizes the rather amazing neocon insulting of China:

“. . . the recent diplomatic insult from Bush to visiting Chinese President Hu Jintao is doubly disastrous for the US foreign position. Bush acted on a script written by the anti-China neo-conservatives, deliberately to insult and humiliate Hu at the White House.

First was the incident of allowing a Taiwanese ‘journalist’, a Falungong member, into the carefully screened White House press conference, to rant in a tirade against Chinese human rights for more than three minutes, with no attempt at removal, at a filmed White House press conference.

Then came the playing of the Chinese national anthem for Hu, which was introduced as the anthem for the Republic of China - Taiwan. It was no slip-up by the professional White House protocol people. It was a deliberate effort to humiliate the Chinese leader.”

The neocons also downgraded the diplomatic status of the visit, and gave Hu just a luncheon, and not a state dinner, all clear insults in the protocol-heavy world of diplomacy.  Now Cheney, out of the blue, has decided to pick an unnecessary fight with the Russians (Engdahl, Margolis, Buchanan:  I only find truth in right-wingers now).  What are these neocon idiots up to?

Engdahl seems optimistic that the ‘realists’ are retaking control in Washington (on the wider topic of ‘realism’, or should I say – ha! – ‘realisms’, I need to blog about this latest bit of Noamist Zionist bullshit).  Unfortunately, I see no signs of it.