Monday, May 15, 2006

The Rove M. O.

I’ve already written about Rove’s modus operandi when he needs to deflect something politically embarrassing (see here).  Pick someone with a potential weakness in credibility, feed them a story with some parts true and some parts untrue, wait for the story to come out, reveal that some of the details can’t be true and that the author of the story has a political or personal agenda and an iffy past, and bury the true parts of the story under the ensuing controversy.  The process is playing itself out with blanket denials of some of the facts reported by Leopold [corrected], and the deniers have no reason to damage their own credibility by unequivocally denying things that will soon come out (they could just refuse to answer or say ‘no comment’).  

This isn’t just some Dick Tuck prank or even a Donald Segretti-style dirty trick;  Hatfield ended up being suicided to complete the destruction of his credibility.  Rove fights hard, and he fights dirty.