Monday, May 15, 2006

The secret tapes and the strategy of tension in London

There is now even more evidence that the London bombers were connected to the British security establishment, just as the Madrid bombers were connected to the Spanish security establishment.  MI5 had secret tape recordings of one of the bombers discussing the building of a bomb, failed to properly monitor him, and then hid the existence of such tapes from the parliamentary intelligence and security committee, which investigated the attacks.  It wasn’t just that the MI5 innocently let the bombers slip through their hands by failing to know the importance of specific people.  They knew exactly what was going on, and let it happen.  

MI5 was cleared on the basis it it made an innocent mistake based on the volume of suspects it had to watch, and expressly on the fact that, at the time, “there was no intelligence of a current credible plot to attack the UK”, but the tape proves that there was no mistake and it wasn’t innocent.  MI5 intentionally withheld the tape from the parliamentary committee in order to protect its guilty ass.  I would have thought that, at the very least, the head of MI5 should be fired over withholding the tapes, if not also for negligence in monitoring the suspects, if not also for direct involvement in the plot.