Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Turkey and September 11

In response to a Wot Is It Good 4 question, I have nothing to add.  Frankly, I am still having trouble getting my mind around a Turkish connection to September 11.  Any reference to Turkey is conspicuous by its absence.  You could understand Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Afghanistan, but Turkey comes completely out of left field.  There was a reference that one of Atta’s German-speaking pals in Florida returned to Turkey, and the neocon lie that Atta met with the Iraqi ambassador to Turkey in Prague.  Sibel Edmonds is the sole source for any Turkish connection, and it is difficult to imagine any official Turkish reason to attack the United States.

Turkey refused to assist the Americans in their attack on Iraq, and took a lot of heat for it, and you would have thought, if there was some kind of high-level plot, that Iraq would have been included in the deal (particularly as we now know that Iraq was on the neocon menu prior to 9–11).  There is also a slight possibility of Turkey being interested in the proposed pipeline through Afghanistan carrying gas from Turkmenistan (part of ‘Greater Turkey’), but that is a long way to go to find a motive.  The Karni-Giza Technologies story is intriguing, but seems to be much more of an Israeli smuggling story than a Turkish one (which is probably why it hardly was mentioned in the disgusting American media).  Similarly, the fact that high-level neocons lobbied for Turkish interests may only reflect the Turkey-Israel diplomatic connection, and the fact that Israeli-American-connected neocons were in a powerful position to lobby for anyone.

Of course, no one can rule out the fact that individuals working for Turkey may have had another agenda.  The Turkish ultra-nationalist fascist mafia controls much of the drug trade to Europe, and must have been hurting because the Taliban had restricted the flow of Afghan heroin.  The Turkish mafia would have had a motive to assist the neocons in creating the ‘Pearl Harbor’ that would lead to an attack on the Taliban in Afghanistan.  In fact, the heroin trade has been completely restored (and then some).  Could there have been some kind of neocon/Turkish mafia deal, coordinated through Turkish employees in the United States, whereby the Turkish mafia assisted in pulling off 9–11 in return for a promise of an attack against the Taliban?  Could be.  However, there is no evidence for it whatsoever except for vague allegations of possible FBI investigations made by one, uncorroborated, whistleblower. 

As usual, I need to find a good reason for people to take big risks, and I just don’t see it.  In the absence of any other evidence, and the possibility that Edmonds simply misunderstood what the FBI was investigating, I remain unconvinced of the Turkish angle.