Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More on the Toronto 17

The Official Story on the 17 arrested ‘terrorists’ in Toronto shifted from no mention of a police sting operation, to a report by the Toronto Star, which seems to have all the sources on this matter, that the supply of the tons of fertilizer was a RCMP sting, to a denial that it was a sting.  The Official Story is now the heroic one that the RCMP intercepted the shipment and replaced the dangerous fertilizer with an non-dangerous substance.  Obviously, some bigwig at the RCMP realized that the sting story would be used by lawyers for the defendants, and ordered that a safer story be spread.  Rapid changes in the Official Story is a sure sign of official shenanigans.

CSIS has an unfortunate history of  using informants.  In the late 80’s, the terrorist threat du jour was extreme right-wing terrorism.  CSIS hired a man named Grant Bristow to infiltrate right-wing groups.  He did such a good job that he almost ended up as the leader, and how far he went in fitting in with his extremist pals is till the subject of controversy.  Unfortunately for CSIS, there were no right-wing extremist groups to speak of in Canada prior to Bristow.  There were a few loud-mouths with no money and essentially no followers.  Some of the money supplied by CSIS was used to fund the main group, the Heritage Front.  CSIS was therefore the founder of right-wing extremism in Canada! 

This sort of thing is not uncommon.  Anti-terrorist organizations need terrorist organizations in order to receive more finding.  The RCMP quite obviously worked to have the Conservatives elected in the last Canadian election, and the Conservatives ran on a law-and-order platform of increased government funding for police, prisons and spies.  The Conservatives are already taking credit for the latest arrests based on their increased funding for law-and-order,  clear nonsense as the operation started in 2004, two years before they were in government.  Nevertheless, this type of sting plays right into the hands of the law-and-order types (for discussion of motives, and the best summary of the case, see the Yayacanada.com summary, including the idea raised in the comments that the parallel British case – this was a Canadian/American/British operation - is starting to fall part), and also allows the Conservatives to appease their big brothers in Washington (the way the story was presented, with all the police lined up in a news conference in uniforms, and the over-the-top theatrics of the unnecessary and un-Canadian security, shows a clear American influence, and was intended to taint the jury pool).  It also neatly fits the general Zionist clash of civilizations theme (read this in the New York Sun!), that no one is any safer than Israel from the treat of irrational and hateful Islam.

You can see how this operation works.  The government finds a particularly loud hot head, and puts an informant in close to him.  The informant steers him to more and more radical positions, at least rhetorically.  He forms a group, which becomes the ‘terrorist cell’.  The end game is to suggest that the informant can obtain some contraband, like fertilizer, and the shipment of the fertilizer is the end of the sting.  The hot head may in fact not even be aware of the fertilizer (in this case, a younger member of the group is alleged to have purchased it), or have no bad plans for it, but he, and by extension his group, and suddenly in jail as ‘terrorists’.  Everything they own is depicted as part of a terrorist attack, and everything they have done is a ‘training exercise’.

Canada is currently murdering innocent civilians in Afghanistan, a situation recently extended by the Canadian Parliament (requiring the shameful vote of some Liberals, including Liberal leadership front-runner Igantieff, who received a hand-shake from Canadian Prime Minister Harper after the vote).  In the context of the ‘war on terror’, and the escalation of that war in Canada, a country which hasn’t intentionally entered into a campaign to kill innocent civilians in a very long time (possibly since the campaign against the Métis in the 1870’s), it is no surprise that it should be easy to establish a group of young Muslim males who are angry.  The war on terror is the cause of the problem, not the solution (note the backasswardness).

The police are making a great deal out of the fact that the new al Qaeda/Osama is the internet.  ‘Jihad’ training and organization is now blamed on the internet.  Many people predicted that capitalism would suffer under the internet, but instead it benefited greatly.  The internet was thus allowed to thrive, for a while  As we have recently seen in the lies about Iran in the National Post, the internet is posing huge problems for International Zionism.  We will no doubt start to hear increased calls for control of information.  Prepare to kiss your internet good-bye.