Monday, June 19, 2006

Nakba Revisionism

Holocaust Revisionism is a crime in many places.  Denying the reality of the Holocaust, or even quibbling about its details as established by the official Zionist historians, can land you in jail.  Why isn’t there a crime of Nakba Revisionism?

The Nakba is the forced exodus of Palestinians from their homeland caused by violence and threats of violence by Jews who were, in effect, clearing land for the new state of Israel (an idea that may have come from Stalin). As part of the general mythology of Israel, the fact of the Nakba was almost entirely hidden from Official Western History until relatively recently.  There is now absolutely no doubt that it occurred, and no excuse for claiming that it didn’t occur.  Anyone who claims that the birth of Israel was without sin, or says something like “a land without people for a people without land”, is a Nakba Revisionist. 

Of course, there is no comparison between the evils committed by Holocaust Revisionists and Nakba Revisionists. The Holocaust is ancient history,  and quibbles about its details have very little effect on the world today.  On the other hand, the Nakba represents an ongoing crime against humanity, and one that has never been ameliorated by even a gesture of restitution.  While the Nakba refers specifically to the events of 1948 and perhaps the few subsequent years, Nakba Revisionists repeat the lies that enable the ongoing horrors of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians to continue.  Nakba Revisionism is much worse than Holocaust Revisionism.  Why aren’t Nakba Revisionists, or anyone who uses Israeli mythology to enable the illegal ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, on trial?